Adventures in Superfoods!

I'm going ga ga over superfoods! Look at this beautiful seaweed!

Spirulina? It's sooo green! Cacao? So dark and bitter, almost ironic! Goji berries? So thrilling, a crazy joyride of taste. Strange and complex and wonderfully mytseriously unsimplified. Not to mention the insane nutritional values. And the fact that after you eat them you feel connected and tuned in.

True, at the beginning of every green breakfast shake I think to myself, 'oh my god, it's so disgusting. How will I ever get through it?' But by the end I'm so sad that it's over. It's like an acquired taste that I am still acquiring at every meal.

It started when were staying with friends who had stocked up on C-Rations for emergencies.

I thought, well in an emergency I don't know if i want to be eating army food. Then it struck me that this kind of is an emergency! And that if I can't get the corporations out of Iraq maybe I can get them out of my body. (Of course in this interconnected world the idea of "my body" is even in question but that's for another post.)

And so I've gone from eating "healthy" to eating radically.

Sure I want to lose weight but at the same time I'm tired of trying to be "smaller". Less and less, littler and littler. it suddenly seemed like the wrong approach. My shift coincided with the end of a long hot overworked summer in which there was just too much grilled chicken. I had grilled chicken burnout. Was at a dead end food wise. I couldn't cobble together an easy food plan based on convenient dietetic snacky foods. Mmmm...snacky foods.

It occured to me that instead of dieting to lose weight maybe I could eat to raise my vibration, so that my eating would be part of all the other energetic shifts I've been making. And it is fanastic.

At first I went macrobiotic. A few years ago a hip chick at one of my shows gave me a copy of the macrobiotic cook book she'd written. It had the most lovely inscription. But I was in the middle of a chaotic time and changing my diet right then when I'd just made such a massive change - moving from LA to Palm Springs - long story - I'll tell you another time - just seemed one change too many.

I ate this book up! Macrobiotic means Big Life! Exactly the opposite of eating to get smaller! Big ideas, balance, yin and yang. Thank you Jessica Porter!

I started eating whole grains and sea vegetables and chewing ALOT! and watching the mountain while I did. Something good was happening. Connections. Plus I was losing a few lbs.

But it was the seaweed that really changed things. Because the seaweed is a superfood. So many seaweeds! So little time. So packed with all the minerals that we have overfarmed out of the land. Vitamins are the overtold story, minerals the story that is still kind of secret!

Then through a whole different path I fell in love with chias seeds. Yes those same little seeds they use to make chia pets. The Aztecs called them the running seeds. Then gojis, cacoa, maca maca, hemp....it's like eating life!

I'm crazy for this cacao!!

Then this story just came out in the LA Times. As if I needed anything to bolster my resolve. Apparently 70% of the food in supermarkets is genetically modified. Yikes!!!! (more on DNA in a post to come)

You really are what you eat! If you eat happy food you are happy. If you eat anxious food you are anxious. Food that was kept in prison? Trapped. Of course we also eat with our eyes and ears and all that but seriously it might be time to get radical with the actual bio intake. I am and it is making me happier, and when it doesn't it is making me feel more alive and able to cope with the anxiety.

There's so much to say on this topic and I've vowed to keep these posts to "digestible" chunks so comment your questions. I'm getting superfood smarter by the day. What was I waiting for?!! An engraved invitation? Yes, I always am. If you are, consider this kirlian energy photo of cacao yours.

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Catherine said...

Congrats on the blog! I read with interest the superfoods piece. I am totally into nutrition and foods, it is how I came to have a retail lo-carb store (which is also why I am so broke and looking for a new beginning, now). My focus has shifted to what makes sense to eat organic and what doesn't. But I am wary of breads- did you know that grain is a highly concentrated fruit? That is why we need to eat so little of it. I'm still a protein and complex carb girl,(although I don't ever want to see another grilled skinless chicken breast again as long as I live). Best to you...Cat Linc